June 23, 2018


Nordmann Fir:

The Nordmann fir is now the most popular Christmas Tree by far. The dense tree with the glossy, soft dark green needles is a favourite with most people. Festive Fir is able to deliver Nordmann from 3 to 20 feet.

Noble Fir:

The silver blue Noble Fir is for the retailer who wishes to offer the customer a different and Exclusive choice. The Noble fir is a challenging tree to grow, with a significantly lower success rate compared to Nordmann. This mean that most growers have stopped planting Noble, and the supply has reduced to a minimum. Festive Fir is continuing to grow them with success, but as they are scarce it is important to order early if you want to secure your customers with this exiting choice.


Large Trees:

Having increasing difficulty sourcing large trees of consistent quality for our retail customers has prompted us to solve the problem indefinitely. By producing the large trees ourself. At the moment, we have good trees in all sizes up to 20 feet, and we are continuously nursing over 100 hectares designated to growing large trees. We are looking forward to offer bigger and better trees to our customers in the future years. 


Festive Fir is one of UKs biggest producers of Noble Fir foliage. The lovely blue/green foliage is bundled in 5 kg bundles, and packed on pallets similar to Christmas Trees. Ready for wreath-making or other types of decorations.