June 23, 2018


Owner and Grower, Hans Rafn, has unrivalled experience within the Christmas Tree industry. As Co-founder of Green Team Group, Hans was managing all of Green Team’s plantations in the UK and France. During the last 15 years, Hans has planted over 5 million trees and harvested over 3 million.

Since parting with Green Team, focus has changed from quantity to quality. Growing fewer trees means more time to shape each individual tree, so all trees reach their full potential.

Based in coastal Aberdeenshire, Festive Fir is located in arguably the best place in Europe to grow trees. The Atlantic Climate is reducing the risk of late frost damage to an absolute minimum, and the gentle slopes and fertile soil of the area is providing the best possible environment for the trees that nature can offer.

Festive Fir Ltd is delivering trees across all of the UK directly from the plantations. This means the trees will arrive in their best possible condition without any delays. Fresh and ready to be the Festive centre point in your home.